‘UK Corporate Portal’ scam revisited

In a blog I published, , I talked about that fact that some North West Chiks clients had received a letter headed ‘Publication of Companies and VAT Registration Numbers in the UK Corporate Portal ‘.  In the blog I strongly warned against businesses responding to such a letter as it could lead to an annual bill of almost £800 over a period of at least three years.
In recent weeks I’ve been contacted by a number of business owners from other parts of the country, including the North East and Scotland, who have also received such letters over the last few months.  Unfortunately a number of these business owners had signed and returned the ‘UK Corporate Portal’ form and had now found that they were receiving demands for payment.
I encouraged the business owners to look at on-line forums so as to find other businesses in the same situation and, as the document they had signed was in effect a contract, to seek the advice of a solicitor.