The legal implications of using your home as business premises

When operating a business or carrying out a profession which is based from your home, there are several legal requirements which you should be aware of. These often get overlooked when you are keen to commence your business activities, but it is of paramount importance that these are dealt with correctly from the offset. Even if you are only using a room within your home as an office for business purposes then you must ensure that you have acted on the following.


Insurance – have you informed your household insurance provider that you are operating business from your home? The insurance cover which you currently have is likely to only cover residential use of the premises. You will therefore need to ensure that your premises are covered for business use too.


Title Deeds – Thoroughly inspect the title deeds or tenancy agreement of the property to check whether there are any restrictive covenants on business use.


Planning permission – Depending on the type of trade to be conducted, it may be necessary to obtain planning permission from your local authority.


Rates – Your rates could change because you may be liable to business rates on the property. Inform all providers that you are now running a business from your home.


Mortgage provider – If your home is mortgaged you will need written consent from your building society or bank as secured lender to use the property for business purposes. You will need to inform your mortgage provider if you haven’t done so already that you are now operating a business from the property.


Please ensure that you are familiar with all of the above and have informed the relevant providers.


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