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3rd Party add on’s in the spotlight: Receipt Bank

July 13, 2016


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Today’s blog is going to focus on the benefits of receipt bank, a third party add on, which can enhance the QuickBooks online experience.


Receipt bank works by simply taking scanned images of your supplier invoiced and entering the details for you into QuickBooks online. You can have invoices emailed direct to receipt bank from your supplier, scan them and email across or you can even post your original invoice.


The invoices are pulled through to receipt bank software which you review and then publish to QuickBooks. The invoice comes through as a scanned image into QuickBooks so you can destroy the original. The first time you use the software you will have to say where you want invoices posting but subsequent to this the system will pre populate the details of where to post the invoice.


Because the process of adding in invoices is automated it means you can get on with running your business instead of spending hours on data entry.


Receipt bank also gives you an app to take the photos and upload invoices on the go from your phone or tablet device. This software benefits small and growing businesses that need to free up time for their bookkeeper.


Receipt bank costs as little as£10 a month for processing 50 invoices, far cheaper than the cost of a bookkeeper or accountant. So not only could you speed up your processing it but it can save you time money too. If your bookkeeper isn’t processing invoices they can be producing reports to show you how profitable your business is as well as looking at possible areas to save costs.


partners with receipt bank and our advisors are happy to discuss how the app can help your business. If you would like more information please contact Judith Dugdale on 01772 821021 or email her at [email protected].

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