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Thursday 21st February 2019 - Last update: February 6th, 2018.

Employee Stories: Joshua Sadler

February 6, 2018


Type: Employee Stories

Why did you choose a training opportunity/career with MHA Chiks?


I applied for MHA Chiks due to the firm being a good size company with many connections all over the country. Additionally, MHA Chiks have a large and growing client base. Therefore, there was an element of security, when applying for the job, as the firm deemed to be expanding and aims to keep on doing so. MHA Chiks are members of Baker Tilly International and AISMA which allow members to network with people from different companies.


Can you describe your job role on a day to day basis?


My role in MHA Chiks is to provide assistance in preparing assignments for clients. This can range from admin tasks to preparing different sections within the accounts. I am always encouraged to get involved in different aspects of my role and learn a good range of topics each day. For example, I am able to now construct expense claims and income sections of the accounts. In addition, I have had experience in the tax department and I can now produce tax returns. I also have a good knowledge of the procedures used by admin so I can help complete administration tasks when necessary.


What do you enjoy most about working at MHA Chiks?


The best thing about working at MHA Chiks is the team I work with. The whole firm is full of bright people who made me feel welcome and made it easy for me to fit in. Not only that, but the whole morale of the firm is high and everyone encourages me to strive to be the best I can be.


As part of my training programme, I’m also entitled to paid study leave which allows me time off to attend college, typically once a week. The time off show that MHA Chiks is dedicated to my development and understand the importance of having time to focus on my studies.



How has MHA Chiks helped you?


During my time at MHA Chiks I’ve had to adjust to a new way of living moderately quickly. Going from full time education to full time work has introduced me to different pressures and responsibilities that have helped me grow as a person. I am able to manage my time a lot better in and out of work.


I can adapt to new environments easily and be able to confidently socialise with different people internally and externally. For example, at the AISMA conference I was able to interact with everyone and was able to do so without feeling uncomfortable. I enjoyed hearing people’s life stories and learning about their career choices.


What are your goals for the future?


In the future I want to be a fully qualified chartered accountant. I am hoping to develop my career so that I can become a partner or even run my own accountancy service.


What advice would you give to somebody starting at MHA Chiks?


Join with an open mind and be ready to develop your accountancy career.