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Monday 21st January 2019 - Last update: January 3rd, 2017.

On the 2nd day of Christmas Chiks gave to me, country guides to help my business trade internationally!

December 14, 2016


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Chiks have the expertise to help you with all areas of international trade. As part of MHA and Baker Tilly International, Chiks work closely with member firms across the nation, and even globally, in order to deliver expert advice.


The regulations of trading abroad can be complex and often difficult to understand, which is why having the access to an international network can be beneficial. Take a look at our ‘Doing Business In’ guide which will provide you with useful information if you are considering either establishing or running a business in a particular country.


Are you considering doing business in China?



Doing business in another country?

To take a look at our other 'Doing Business In' country guides, click the link.

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