4 easy ways to keep your best employees


Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by applicants for your job vacancy? It
is very easy to get distracted by the amount of candidates, but it is the quality that counts.

By having the best people in your business, you can deliver great results, keep your best employees and save yourself the cost of recruiting.  In the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s 2011 Resourcing and Talent Planning report, they reported that it can cost a business up to £7,50 for replacing a leaver through advertising and recruitment costs, management time and delivering results.


There are a number of factors which enable you to attract and keep your best people. These include:


1)   Support & Training – Promote training and professional development… make sure employees have the tools to do their job today, as well as training opportunities to enhance their career growth and potential.


2)  Company Brand – Develop a positive, well-known company brand… build a clear vision of how you want your company to be perceived in the marketplace and make sure your management team and employees share that vision and practice it every day.


3)  Company Culture & Environment – Cultivate a friendly, value-oriented, workplace environment… organised and consistent workplace policies and procedures help employees understand what they are supposed to do, how to do it and what is expected from them.


4)  Interview Process – Implement a straightforward, friendly, professional job interview process… conduct objective and fair interviews that focuses on the knowledge, skills and qualities of your job candidates.


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