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Automate your bookkeeping and save time

September 5, 2016


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Chiks SE+ is powered by QuickbooksOnline, a cloud-based software which allows you to reduce time spent on bookkeeping through automation. Below we have three examples of three simple ways most business can save time:


Rules for bank transactions


If you have transactions that are frequently coming through your bank account, you can set up a rule which will allow the system to automatically add the transaction within the system. You can save hours of processing, by picking a few keywords from the description on your bank statements and programming where the entry should go in the software. What’s more by getting the system to automatically post the entry, it will reduce the amount of entries you need to review.


Never forget to post depreciation


You can set up scheduled journals so that recurring monthly transactions are never missed. You will never forget to do the monthly depreciation journal or the rent journal again! Set up a journal within the recurring transactions section and mark it as a scheduled transaction. The system will then post it every month on the same day.


Automatically send recurring sales invoices


If your business has any invoices which it raises month on month, which are the same every month, you can set these up to post automatically. This is great for businesses that charge rent or have a subscription model. Start and end dates are used to ensure no one is overcharged and they can be stopped at any time.

With the time you have saved you can focus on growing your business.


Judith Dugdale is corporate services director at Chiks and heads up Chiks SE+. Contact Judith on 01772 821021.

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