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Saturday 19th January 2019 - Last update: June 8th, 2016.

Cloud accounting update for the Leisure and Tourism sector

June 8, 2016


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Back in 2014 Chiks started looking at Cloud accounting for a whole host of clients, and we identified back then that cloud accounting would be applicable for Leisure and Tourism clients. The efficiencies that cloud accounting brings can save literally hours of time in terms of bookkeeping through direct links to bank accounts. We now have over 300 client licenses on QuikcbooksOnline, plus others on Freeagent, Xero and Kashflow. QuickbooksOnline is our preferred partner and Chiks are one of only 4 firms to have Platinum status. The feedback from our clients both in the Leisure and Tourism sector and outside of this sector has been fantastic. The most common feedback is the hours of bookkeeping saved and how having up to date information has allowed them to control costs and increase profitability.


Time saving


As well as direct feeds from your bank, we can work with you to help link front of house systems to Quickbooks Online to save further time on data input. Make use of the extremely cost effective payroll and improve your bottom line as well as speeding up payroll processing, what’s more, its auto-enrolment ready and just £1per month per employee. The beauty of cloud accounting packages is that you can add on additional software to save even further time. Receipt bank, for example, takes your purchase invoices and posts them directly into QuickbooksOnline saving hours of inputting time. Depending on the number of transactions this can be as little as £9.99 a month. When you create time for your accounts team it means they can spend time reviewing the costs and performance of the business to all you, the owner, to make changes quickly to improve profitability.



Originally we saw some resistance due to security issues. Most Cloud accounting software providers have their servers in the US which can worry some. This is becoming less and less of an issue as software like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail become common place – all of whom have servers in the US. The security is higher than online banking levels and there is yet to be a security failure. The other issue to consider is how safe is your current accounting software? Is it saved on a laptop – where is that laptop now – where is it left at night? What level of security do you have to stop someone hacking into your computer when you are in a restaurant or hotel? You might not know how to do this but most 17-year-olds do! Where are your paper records stored? Is it in an unlocked room in your offices? Any windows in those rooms…. Providers such as Intuit have to invest heavily in security as if they make one mistake it could have dire consequences for the company.


Interested to find out more?


Chiks have a new service called SE+ which is powered by QuickbooksOnline and is open to new and existing clients alike. SE+ is more than just software; we offer ongoing support together with regular updates to ensure you stay on track with your business goals. We are holding free demonstration days, and have 60+ proadvisors to be on hand should you need help at any time. Training can take the form of a cost-effective classroom session or one to one training at your place of business.


For more information on how Cloud accounting could help please contact Judith Dugdale, Head of Cloud Services on 01772821021 or follow her on twitter .

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