Creating Impact in a Challenging Marketplace

The idea of creating impact within a business is not a new one; businesses strive to show how their unique characteristics would make them the company of choice for their customers. However with cultural and technological developments, defining what sets you apart from your competitors and creating lasting impact and value can be challenging and will change with time.

Identifying your unique characteristics as a business (your USP) is of course a priority, but equally important is understanding and recognising why it is that you do what you do. Why did the business start? What service or space within the market did it serve? Is this still the case; are your customers and competitors still the same? This is highly unlikely, therefore identifying where you can add value and ultimately setting yourself apart from your competitors is pivotal.

Nurturing your customer relationships is key; working together in a collaborative approach to ensure that your mutual goals are met will not only encourage a sense of loyalty and respect but also give clarity that your visions and mission are aligned. Understanding your best customers’ needs and their industry is a must. Conduct market research to ensure that you can benchmark theirs and your position correctly to give clarity in planning moving forward.

In addition, a firm set of mission and values are imperative when establishing how you differentiate from the competition; having a clear and defined mission will display purpose, direction and focus. To create lasting impact you must examine your culture, behaviours and attitudes also; are they in line with your vision and values?

The method or methods in which you engage with those customers are also paramount; just because you have an online business you should not disregard the benefit of face to face communications and vice versa. Ensuring that you communicate in the right manner, that all of your marketing collateral is on brand and relevant, will elevate your brand perception and give reinforcement to the notion of creating a strong, solid and consistent impact.

A comprehensive team skills audit will also help you to analyse if your team is being best utilised in line with your mission, values and strategy, or whether additional talents leave room for diversification and growth.

At nxo we believe that impact and change will drive you towards your ambitious growth goals and that’s why our support looks at your business from both a consultative and tactical point of view.

We work together with businesses to understand where you are now and where you want to go and by deploying all the right tools, we’ll help you overcome any barriers to achieve your goals.


For more information and advice on the topic, please contact Holly Hulme.

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