Now that you are secure – Secure great content

The usual content of my blogs centres on best use of IT, but today I thought that some reflection on the content of your finely honed and secure environment might be useful. We all set our websites and emails up to be safe and secure, but how often do we focus on good content, and what we are hoping to achieve once safe delivery occurs. Do we properly reflect on the impact and influence that our communications have? So here’s a few tips:


  1. Always reflect  and find out what the other person’s interested in; then talk about that;
  2. Focus and think AFTERs – show why they’ll be better off AFTER buying from you;
  3. Focus on finding a solution, not on proving how clever you are;
  4. Step into the reader’s perspective, not yours.


May I also refer to one of my sources of inspiration for such reflection, and highlight a book published this month by a client of mine, Andy Bounds.   It’s called ‘Top Dog: impress and influence everyone you meet’, and has been co-written with one of Ernst & Young’s Global Client Service Partners, Richard Ruttle. It will help you get more out of every conversation you have.



Andy has also created a special offer for you. Buy the book, and you’ll get a free podcast – ‘four simple ways to make a great first impression’ (a very useful skill to master!) To receive the podcast simply…


  1. Buy the book on Amazon – 
  2. Send your proof of purchase to his PA [email protected]


…and she’ll send you the podcast.

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