Planning for the workforce of the future

Agreement may now have been reached on the rights of EU nationals who are already living in the UK, but it is still unclear what restrictions will be placed on the movement of new labour from outside the UK following Brexit.


A 2016 report from the office of national statistics stated that there were over 500,000 non UK nationals working in the Hotel and Restaurant sector in the UK and that in excess of 60,000 new entrants were needed each year by the sector to meet demand from growth and to replace staff who are leaving the country. For these reasons there is significant concern in the hospitality sector as to how they are going to staff their business effectively after Brexit.


With these potential staff shortfalls approaching it has been interesting to see how different operators in the region have been planning ahead for the challenge and these are some of the strategies are emerging:


  1. More senior resource being put into HR function to assist with recruitment, training and retention.


  1. Better working conditions, pay and benefits for staff.


  1. More and better quality provision of staff housing


  1. Employers fostering better links with local colleges, schools and training providers.


  1. Greater emphasis from employers on making hospitality an attractive career option.


  1. Provision of free transport from a wider area to move employees into the workplace.


  1. Greater emphasis on reduction of staff turnover.


  1. More resources being allocated to staff training. 


Over the next year it will become clearer as to what access employers will have to labour from outside the UK but if you have a significant migrant workforce and haven’t yet started to make contingency plans then it may be the time to start to do so.


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