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“Thinking” time

September 30, 2013


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A wise man once told me that “thinking” time is as important to a busy person, whether you are a sole trader, director or partner, as time spent actually doing the work.


Many small business owners do this “thinking” in the car on the way to meetings, travelling home, etc. This is valuable breathing space for many people as it is often difficult when you have your head down, working, to see what else is going on around you


– Do you have enough staff?


– Do you have enough trained staff?


– Do you have enough space?


– Are you receiving more customer complaints than usual?


– Are standards slipping?


Unfortunately, we are no longer alone in the car these days. We can be contacted from the business on blue tooth/hands-free devices whilst driving.


Many small business owners would also value being able to “sound” ideas out with other like-minded folk.


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