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Women in Business Series: Jane Booker

March 8, 2012


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With International Women’s Day on March 8, Bottomline online asked five women in business to share their experiences of the current economic situation and how they are driving their business forward. Today we feature Jane Booker, director, .


How has your organisation performed in the past 12 months?


We are pleasantly surprised that we have maintained our targets despite a predicted drop. We have also managed to secure new work sources that we hope will help stabilise the long term future of the firm.


And the outlook for 2012?


We’ve earned a national reputation for our work and this is based on a friendly and individual approach. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and the decisions we make. With that in mind we have opened our offices on a Saturday, making it even easier for our clients to gain expert advice. We have also invested into a number of local sporting initiatives to extend our reach within the community and believe the Preston Guild will bring fantastic commercial opportunities to the area.


While things remain positive for the firm, I would summarise our outlook as ‘cautiously optimistic’. There are currently some big changes going on in the legal industry, which bring numerous challenges and a great sense of uncertainty.


Has your management style changed as a result of the recession?


It has slightly. Sadly you realise you can’t always be the nice guy or girl and tough decisions have to be made and not avoided.


Has the recession taught you anything new?


Sometimes you need to take a bit of a gamble in the short term for longer term rewards. Success in turbulent times can only derive from strategic and realistic planning.


What has been the best piece of advice you have ever received?


Always be on time. Everyone hates being kept waiting.


Which business person inspires you the most?


I don’t really have any particular person in mind – there are positive traits in a variety of people I admire.

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