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Friday 19th October 2018 - Last update: May 29th, 2018.

How to Grow Your Business: Seven Wastes

April 18, 2018


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Growth+ is a business decision support tool provided by MHA Chiks in conjunction with Mindshop. A variety of workshops have been created to identify, clarify, focus and act upon ways to successfully grow a business. The Growth+ sessions aim to facilitate rather than consult and are bespoke for each business. Growth+ allows you to step outside of the business and take a ‘helicopter view’.


The sessions focus on the future and are intellectually stimulating for the owners, managers and the wider team. Growth+ highlights priorities, provides solutions and forces responsibility, with the support of MHA Chiks there to assist in the implementation of any actions agreed in the sessions.


Damian Walmsley, Partner and Corporate Finance Director, Stephen Gregson have created a series of short videos which give an overview of MHA Chiks’s Growth+ service, and how we can help you to grow your business.


This video focuses on the seven wastes that may occur when trying to grow your business, focusing on maximising profitability and improving efficiencies. We identify where ‘waste’ might occur, including within:

1. Production stages

2. Transportation

3. Costs

4. Inventory

5. Inappropriate processing

6. Mistakes

7. Over production


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