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Tips on social media for hotel and leisure businesses


Last week Chiks hosted a seminar in Blackpool specifically for hospitality and leisure businesses.


One of our speakers, Emma Booth from discussed the importance of social media.


Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. TripAdvisor. The internet and social media has transformed how businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector communicate with their customers. But tread carefully; selling your brand story to an online audience requires strategic thought, planning and the right tools and platforms to host your content.


Emma left the delegates with a top tips fact sheet she had prepared on social media and online marketing.  Some of those tips are listed below:


1.            Listen to what your audience and competitors are saying before you get involved

2.            Be visual – people are far more receptive to visual content than they are to written text

3.            New social media algorithms mean bland news doesn’t get seen – make sure your content is strong

4.            Incentivise – businesses which offer regular competitions, reward points for advocates online or easier ways to book rooms/tables, give new customers a reason to engage and regular customers a reason to come back


If you would like a copy of this free fact sheet which sets out 14 more tips simply send me an e-mail at  [email protected]

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Making the most of TripAdvisor


I recently attended the Lakes Hospitality Association’s AGM in Windermere.  Prior to the formalities there was a presentation by Alistair MacGregor of TripAdvisor.   Described in his introduction by LHA President Jonathan Denby as “the bravest man in England!” Alistair delivered an interesting and informative presentation to a packed room of hoteliers.


The might of TripAdvisor cannot be ignored and the statistics speak for themselves:


– Over 50 million unique monthly visitors worldwide and 20 million members

– Over 60 million unbiased reviews and opinions of hotels, restaurants, and attractions worldwide

– 40 new contributions every minute of  every day

– 1.5 million+ hotels, restaurants and attractions reviewed in over 93,000 destinations


Alistair was keen to point out that in a statistical analysis done in February 2012 the average rating for businesses reviewed was 4.01 out of a possible 5.  Dispelling the myth that people only post reviews  when they have something negative to say. 


He went on to say that customers are becoming less interested in what you have to say about yourself and that they want advice from people like them, or from people they perceive to be like them.


So what can you do to improve your presence on TripAdvisor?


The TripAdvisor Management Centre provides hoteliers with a free tool that can help business owners make the most of their presence on Trip Advisor.  You can create an account by visiting


This essentially allows you to have more control over your listing


– Add/update photos  and video

– Edit property description/amenities

– Change property type/location

– Report ownership change/duplicate listing


It also allows you to


– Get notified of reviews

– Respond to a review

– Dispute a review

– Encourage reviews with marketing tools


In addition, tip sheets and ‘how-to’ guides providing step-by-step instructions are available on TripAdvisor’s blog site at: .


Responding to reviews


In a recent survey 60% of respondents said that an aggressive management response to a bad review made the hotel look worse.  However 71% said that seeing a management response to reviews is important.  So how do you respond positively to a negative review?  Here are TripAdvisor’s top tips on responding to reviews:


– Acknowledge the person’s point of view, give your version of events and state if you have put in place any procedure to rectify the matter.

– Use professional, family-friendly language

– Try add something new to the conversation to promote your business e.g. your new menu, recent refurbishment or latest special offer


Love it or hate it, TripAdvisor is here to stay (if you’ll excuse the pun) and the more we understand about how it works, the more likely we are to be able to use it to our advantage.


If you would like  a copy of the presentation slides please get in touch with me by e-mail at [email protected]