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Employee Tax Relief

September 7, 2018


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Employees are also entitled to claim some allowances too:


Specialist Clothing and tools


Tax relief may be claimed for the cost of:


  • cleaning, repairing or replacing specialist uniform or work clothing.
  • Replacing or repairing tools that may be needed to fulfil your job role, such as a drill, for example.


Either the full amount that has been paid can be claimed, or an agreed fixed amount, known as a flat rate expense.


Vehicles used for work


Tax relief may be claimed for the use of cars, vans, motorcycles or even bicycles for work. How much you can claim depends on whether the vehicle is purchased or leased with your own money or whether your employer owns or leases the vehicle.


Tax relief can be claimed on the approved mileage rate if you use your own vehicle for work. If your employer pays mileage allowance to you then this will need to be deducted first. If you use a car supplied by your employer, you can claim tax relief on the money spent for fuel or electricity. Again, if your employer reimburses some of the money then the relief may be claimed on the difference.


Travel and overnight expenses


Tax relief may be claimed on the cost of overnight expenses such as food and drink and hotel accommodation. Public transport costs and toll charges may also be included.


Professional fees and subscriptions


If you have to subscribe or become a member of a professional organisation relating to your job then you can claim tax relief on any money you have spent.


Working at home


It is essential to know that tax relief cannot be claimed if you choose to work from home. If you are required to work at home by your employer then tax relief may be claimed on the extra electricity you may use and the cost of business calls, for example.


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