What are your strategic plans for 2015?

So it’s 2015! Wow. How did that happen? I’m sure it was only a few years ago that I finished University but no it appears to be 15….?


When I finished University and started my first job I had a very influential boss who planned his life meticulously. 5 years plans were his big thing and made sure we all had them for our careers and personal life. My father had a similar outlook on life too. Both these men were successful in different ways but in ways I liked and admired so 5 year plans became my mantra as well. I have just completed my 3rd 5 year plan since I graduated. All bar one, they have pretty much finished as I had planned them with a few tweaks and unexpected tangents in places but that is life. Either way, I am in a good place and I feel more was achieved from having these plans than not.


So 5 year plan number 4 is on. So much I want to do but with so many more variables now I’m married with 3 children! However, I think my next 5 years could be the most exciting and rewarding yet. I’ve already started acting on my plan and feel positive.


What is your 5 year plan in your business, career or personal life? Where do you want to be in 2020? That used to sound like the future and beyond but it is closer than you think.


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