International Business

International Business

Whether you are a publicly listed company or an owner-managed business considering trading abroad, our team of international business and tax specialists can be relied upon to help you prosper in the markets of your choice.

Through our membership of , we are able to provide over-seas accounting, assurance, tax and specialist business advice, by drawing upon on internationally recognised industry and service line experts in over 140 countries spread across 4 geographic areas.

We represent businesses, entrepreneurs and trade organisations operating across almost all major industries and sectors. You may already be an active player internationally looking for new avenues to pursue, or a successful company eyeing its first tentative steps overseas. Whatever your situation, you can be assured MHA Chiks can offer you the necessary support and advice to enable domestic and global growth.

Our business approach brings together the power of a global network to deliver exceptional results. We will help you identify opportunities, navigate challenges and help you prosper in the markets of your choice.

Our specialist advice for international business includes:

Market entry

Choosing the correct trading entity and structure is key having a significant impact upon your plans from the very start. We will consult with you to select the most appropriate structure, ensuring all relevant legal and taxation aspects are considered throughout the process.

International tax and regulations

This is a notoriously complex area, now attracting additional scrutiny from tax authorities worldwide arising from the OECD/G20 BEPS Project. We can highlight significant areas of concern and ensure that your exposure is mitigated wherever possible. Salient issues include Transfer Pricing, Withholding Tax and associated Tax Treaties and the application of Import Duties.


This area of taxation is of paramount importance demanding specialist advice. Understanding the VAT status of your supplies is essential and can define the success or otherwise of your business plan. The VAT status of cross border transactions, involving both goods and services, is complex and will not likely ease in the future once ‘Brexit’ is enacted.

Please view our range of Brexit fact sheets by following the links below;

Authorised Economic Operator Status

Post Brexit Britain – Planning to avoid the Customs cliff edge


Business strategy

Our strategic advice pulls together the other facets noted on this page, along with your specific commercial considerations. Our team have vast experience of advising businesses carrying out cross border trading, this means we have the skills and foresight to help you increase growth, profits or ensure your international trading is complementing operations elsewhere.

Local funding / grants

We have knowledge of relevant local and regional funding which are often associated to enterprise zones, along with how best to access these through our database of available funding.

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