Strategic Advisory

Strategic ConsultancyIs your business at risk? Are you losing ground to competitors? What are the main threats to your business? Where is your business going?

MHA Chiks’s strategic business advisers provide the answers. This partner-led team works closely with businesses to perform an independent strategic analysis, providing a complete risk diagnosis and setting a blueprint for future success.

Our risk management consultation will examine every aspect of business operations – IT, HR, financial controls, management structure, health and safety, marketing, VAT and tax compliance, and statutory obligations.

This risk audit will harvest solutions for growth and development, working in conjunction with clients’ business and personal goals, setting a clear strategy for the future progress and running of the business.

We can revolutionise the vision and performance of a business, giving clients the impetus to create and maximise opportunities.

Our services include:

      • Risk Consultancy and Management
      • Strategic Consultancy
      • Risk Management Strategies
      • GAP Analysis
      • Feasibility Studies
      • Financial Systems and Operations
      • Internal Audit
      • Market Analysis
      • Profit Improvement Strategies
      • Management Consultancy

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